Taxes: Around 2,000 tax accounts hacked in early summer

Hackers hacked around 2,000 taxpayer tax accounts at the end of June to modify their tax returns , but these intrusions were quickly blocked and had no consequences, the General Directorate of Public Finances (DGFiP) said on Tuesday.
According to the Chained Duck to be published on Wednesday, which reveals this cyberattaque , hackers have most often added credits and reductions of taxes to the declarations of their victims, and replaced their bank details with others, entirely fictitious . It was not a desire to make money because “with us there is nothing to steal,” explained a DGFiP agent.

“Collateral victim”

But the tax department is a “collateral victim” of the hacking of mailboxes poorly protected by passwords too simple, and which hackers had taken control, according to this source.

Indeed, the taxpayer who has lost his 13-digit tax identifier can have it returned by email, allowing the intrusion. The DGFiP noted “an unusual wave of password renewal for several specific areas on impots.gouv .fr ”, according to a press release from Bercy.