A box with capacity of 1To of local stock

75,00 / month with a free trial of 1 month and a sign-up fee of 149,00

Cloud replication from 1To

Number of unlimited positions according to chosen solution

BKube driver backup software

SSH Key Encryption RSA 2048 Bits

Follow-up backup by supervision.


Free replacement of the Box in case of breakdown

Offer without commitment


Innovative technology makes our solution invisible on the network and therefore unassailable by viruses or ransomware. A complete solution including a box with integrated computer allowing local backup, and, replication of backup in the cloud. The subscription also includes software for setting up, managing and monitoring backups. Easy to install and allowing the backup of several workstations at the same time, our solution will perfectly adapt to the professional environment of a small or medium structure.


Technical characteristics:

- A box: integrated computer with 2 TB hard disk and external power supply.
- Associated cloud space 1 TB (French Cloud).
- Data configuration, backup and restoration software.

Technicals characteristics

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